If Lost 80s Friday Arrives on Thursday, The 80s Get Lost in a Wormhole Between the 70s and the Oughts

Influences get worn on sleeves, collars, hemlines, and belts. On their latest leaked track from their forthcoming release News and Tributes, The Futureheads wear theirs right smack in the middle of a matching set of blazing red t-shirts. As if they don’t, usually, enjoy them as I do, with their The-Damned-Meets-XTC sound. Download the following two songs, then imagine each song landing on Fantasy Island, together, for a creepy episode:

The Futureheads – Skip to the End

Peter Gabriel – Modern Love

How to explain, Mr. Rourke?

Well, Tattoo, the opening guitar line to the Futurheads’ “Skip to the End” is maybe one chord off from the opening guitar salvo of Peter Gabriel’s “Modern Love,” from his 1977 self titled debut, otherwise known as his more interesting days. Most notably, though, my alcoholic, pyscopathic midget friend, the production on that guitar directly evokes Bob Ezrin’s production on the Gabriel album. Did he work with F-heads here? Possibility.

How you know such unimportant things, Mr. Rourke?

I am crazier than catshit, I’m mad stealth with the music skillz, and I will eat your soul with a spork, my little colostomy drinker.

I love you.

Want a donut?

Sure. You know, I think you were better as Kahn.

Then touch my elbow and know eternal truth, my lovely little burst artery.

Oh. Oh. Oh!


13 thoughts on “If Lost 80s Friday Arrives on Thursday, The 80s Get Lost in a Wormhole Between the 70s and the Oughts

  1. I don’t envy you blogger folks. You find a wonderful moment like those Television folks and then must follow it up with Futureheading people. Kind of like that time I saw Dinosaur open up for Bullet Lavolta. I mean, how can you take the stage AFTER Dinosaur?


  2. Please don’t envy us for anything but one: WE were never in the same room as Bullet Lavolta. And anything other than ‘Bug’ or ‘You’re Living All Over Me’ is absolute crap, with the exception of ‘The Wagon.’Yeah. But thanks for the hate.


  3. No hate here Mr. Parnell.The Dinosaur show was Yr. Living All Over Me era. Dinosaur insisted on playing first. Bullet Lavolta were not bad, kinda like the Lemonheads, but more metal. And, for the record, teh first Dinosaur record on Homestead was fantastic, better than Bug.Check out the Mystery Song contest at:http://marsneedsguitars.blogspot.com/


  4. Dinosaur’s 1st is better than Bug? Blasphemy. Granted, it’s a fine document of a band about to find itself, & I even have the orig vinyl copy I bought & Ienjoy ‘repulsion’ from time to time. For that, I rebuke your mystery song contest. J Frank Parnell will never do a contest. He is winner.


  5. Bug is the Dinosaur equivalent of the third Teenage Fanclub album. You get my drift? Bug is like Ride’s second album, or Wiclo’s second album. Just like, what happened?


  6. So, now that I have sent you those Stone Roses demos with my secret Dora the Explore glow in the dark mp3 player, ar eyou gonna post any, or do they not meet Mr. Parnell’s standards?


  7. Didn’t listen to it yet & not sure I want to, now that you’ve slagged Ride’s ‘Nowhere.’ Did you mean to? Or are you discounting their first as a singles collection?


  8. Oh Mr. Parnell:For those of us who saw Ride’s first ever American concert in Providence, at club Babyhead, when Lush was stuck at the airport and couldn’t play, Nowhere was Ride’s first album. It was Going Blank Again that was being slagged.


  9. Ok then. Going Blank Again is slag-able. –those of us who saw Ride in Brixton in 1991 with some assholes called Mercury Rev; wish they’d been stuck at Heathrow


  10. I saw Mercury Rev headline at the Middle East in Boston in 1991, they were really pretty good at first. Very loud, but not painful. The bass player was wearing docksider shoes. The flutist had on a sexy leather vest, and she played through a wah wah. Although, they didn’t play car wash hair which made no sense at all. By the end of the show, the place had really thinned. They played their best four songs (there only good songs) and the rest was horrible. At the same time that Ride was coming through, I saw Billy Bragg play and he came out and made fun of Ride. Started playing one of their songs and made a comment about how cute they are. Very poor taste if you ask me.


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