The love/hate relationship starts here

First post, blah blah blah who gives a shit.

Yeah, so most mp3 blogs are dynamite, some so well written one suspects their authors ought to quit their day jobs, if they haven’t already, or that their dayjob involves doing just what they do on their blogs. Other blogs stink of trust fundy-techno nerds creaming their courds over neutral milk hotel outtakes wheere jeff magnum farts into a cardboard tube while singing Lewis Carrol poems in Inuit. How come nobody posts mp3 of tracks from the first NMH album? Cause it’s weak and boring, that’s why.

So you get the idea, maybe. I won’t defend myself — maybe I hate myself as much as whatever else I hate, eh? Anyway, stop loving everything, for chrissakes. There’s too much of it, and plenty will sink to the bottom, destined to never be reissued because it doesn’t deserve it.

I have no mp3s to post today. Deal with it.