I Saw an X-Ray of Fred Schneider Passing Gas

Really try to catch Lewis Black’s Red, White, and Screwed. Comedy is the only way I can swallow current politics, and Black’s a pretty good chaser. But for once our prez & especially Cheney have been of significant use to me at the job recently, in that I can use them, in discussions with baby […]

The Wrong Comparison

Dear Mark Richardson, writer for Prickfork: Today, in your review of the Replacements’ new best of comp, Don’t You Know Who I Think I Was, you wrote the following, and it made you sound like a retard: ..in some quarters fans are trying to shore up the Replacements’ position by talking about influence. Nirvana are […]

El Perro Del BYE BYE

Eventful weekend: got drunk with too-rarely seen friends from the college daze. Ipod on the fritz. Weather we’re going to enjoy, now, but die from later. On Sun my kid got sideswipped by a speedy, un-leashed dog in Prospect Park. She was okay, and still better, she made her father proud by bidding the Bad […]

On My Mother-Bourne Swedish Genes

New release coverage, and — surprise! Not much hate. Most are Crotchfork’s latest loves, which surprises me even more. Herbert’s Scale is simply Wendy-and-Lisa-era Prince. Which isn’t a bad thing. At all. It might even be my favorite Prince period. Always loved the “Waterfalls” single. The new Camera Obscura album, Let’s Get Out of this […]

The Fucking Champs

I usually give a daily glance to the most trafficked blogs; Gorilla Vs. Bear is slightly worked up about Tapes N Tapes backlash from the un-free NY Sun site. Tapes N Tapes is as middlebrow as they come — I can think of 46 outfits at the same talent level, 4 with the same played-out […]

June 6, 1966, at 6pm

A religious holiday approaches: National Day of Slayer. Remember to follow the rules closely. You do not want to displease the man who bathes in a lake of fire. (thanks to the Rich Girls are Weeping for leading J Frank to this). Celebrate more completely with WFMU’s Metal Genre Education Kit. Lost Oughts: Colder is […]