Beth, not Joe

Did you viddy the Beth Orton review over at Bitchfork last week? It sorta made me wanna jack off. Got the idea the writer might have been one-handed-surfing too:“Death of love is the constant, often oppressive theme of Comfort of Strangers, which gives these songs the feel of dark therapy, often so dour as to […]

That Smell and Sebastian

Count me as one who feels Belle & Sebastian haven’t made a decent record since If You’re Feeling Sinister and haven’t made a great record since Tigermilk. And, sakes alive, they were skull-crackingly boring when I saw them live in ’96 (or ’97). And let me just say this about The Boy With The Arab […]

Wizardzz: Lightning Can

Gotta give this one up to Bitchfork. Didn’t know Lightning Bolt’s bassist Brian Gibson had a side project called Wizardzz, where he proves himself to be as sick a drummer as he is a bassist. Some guys get all the luck. Rich Porter adds synths and keys, and it all sounds like Lightning Can. So […]

Neil Young People

Now here’s a nice surprise. After wasting $7.99 on a vinyl copy of Young People’s War Prayers, which was too much to pay for too much fledgling and not enough full-fledged (despite their show- stopping interpretation of that little girl’s song from Charles Laughton’s masterpiece noir Night of the Hunter), I happened to catch a […]

Will You Still Love Me with Broken Bones?

Tragedy has a way of making you revisit something, and not without guilt; I have to admit I hadn’t listened to House of Freaks’ Cakewalk or Tantilla for almost ten years when I heard that 1/2 of House of Freaks, Bryan Harvey, had been murdered along with his wife and toddler daughters in their Richmond […]

Here Come the Waves

There was a time long ago, in a galaxy far far away, when/where you could purchase an artist’s latest record, love it so, and then do some backlog buying and be similarly satisfied by said artist’s previous work, if unbeknownst to you til then. I mean, everyone’s gotta have room to improve, right? And it’s […]

The love/hate relationship starts here

First post, blah blah blah who gives a shit. Yeah, so most mp3 blogs are dynamite, some so well written one suspects their authors ought to quit their day jobs, if they haven’t already, or that their dayjob involves doing just what they do on their blogs. Other blogs stink of trust fundy-techno nerds creaming […]