Unusually Good ’80s Movies Scores By Musicians Who Didn’t Score Movies

  Joe Strummer – Permanent Record (1988) and Walker (1987) Joe Strummer’s post-Clash songs for soundtracks and benefit comps often blow away the pretty damn good songs found on his solo albums. They deserve their own compilation. Following the final breaths of the Clash around 1986, Strummer jumped right into soundtrack work with two excellent songs for Sid & Nancy. With the soundtrack […]

I Was Working in the Prison With a Two Headed Dog

Dear Joe Tangari, today’s Pitchfork reviewer of re-mastered 2XCD deluxe versions of U2’s Boy, October, and War: First, a disclaimer: I believe U2 deserved a Lynryd Skynryd-style plane ride following Achtung Baby. And that’s being generous to Achtung Baby. Now: Please tell me you didn’t write this review before you heard these reissues? On the […]