I Like Your Poetry, But I Hate your Poems

My prediction for Pitchfork’s rating for Blonde Redhead’s 23 was off by a point. They gave it a 7.0, I said they’d give it a 7.6 and I gave it a 6.6. Sort of on the mark, if I make the glass half-full. Today P4K gave a rave to the Twilight Sad’s Fourteen Autumns and […]

Pitchfork and Payola

Not gonna accuse them, but I’m going to point out: Patchfork eagerly pushes an album in the forkast section, to the point of whipping up hysteria, and then pans it in their review section, or at least doesn’t give it the rave you’d expect. Hence: Panda Bear gets a 9.4, and while the forkast really […]