Why Make a List When I Can Slag Yours?

In the interest of all thing negative and reductive, here’s a response to the top ten albums of 2008 as chosen by Penusfork. 10.DJ/RuptureUprootI did like the “Brooklyn Anthem,” despite the carpetbagging. But while most tracks are accomplished dancehall-dubstep-electro hybrids, I still can’t get the memory of bad drum n’ bass/jungle out of my head […]

That’s Not All Folks

From the Department of Getting it Off my Chest: In last week’s Pitchfork panning of the Finches’ Human Like a House (which was the lead review until 8 am that morning, btw) reviewer Adam Moerder drops this preposterous thought:However, like mom and pop stores or VHS cassettes, the Finches have trouble competing with 21st century […]

Bill Callahan Melloncamp

First, I’d like to note: yesterday Prawnfork posted “Just as the Day was Dawning,” a new track from duo Big Business’s Here Come the Waterworks. I’d like to proudly point out that almost a frikking year ago J Frank Parnell posted for download and raved about the original version of this track, which appeared on […]

Pitchfork and Payola

Not gonna accuse them, but I’m going to point out: Patchfork eagerly pushes an album in the forkast section, to the point of whipping up hysteria, and then pans it in their review section, or at least doesn’t give it the rave you’d expect. Hence: Panda Bear gets a 9.4, and while the forkast really […]