semi-never roundup of newish album releases

But first, a word from Otto, our literary editor, on Franzen’s Freedom: As usual, NY Times critic Michiko Kakutani’s intern was reading a different book than I read. A surprisingly trashy (in comparison with The Corrections) 800+ pages of gossip following mostly unlikeable people as they fail or succeed despite their personality flaws, Freedom’s only […]

new release roundup: Oh, the Underwhelm-ment

Peter, Bjorn, & John – Living ThingD.O.A. Super Furry Animals – Dark Days/Light YearsWelsh supervillians glass-blow ELO-meets-Elephant6-collective magic pop. They release oodles of albums, so I just picked this one. The others might be as good, or just marginally different depending on your mood. Best moment: “The Very Best of Neil Diamond,” with its Bollywood-meets-Love […]

Newish Release Roundup: Delinquency Defeated

M83Saturdays=YouthI’m happily eating crow with a mint chutney and sweet potato fries. I hate (read: hate) previous M83 releases, but I’m kablooey for this ventriloqiusm (me being the dummy) of good 80s euro-pop. Who cares about the (are they?) songs – he gets the tones right, from small touches like electric piano pinched from Bryan […]

New and Coming Release Roundup

The Long Blondes – CouplesI’m still waiting for the day I’ll hear the Long Blondes blasting from some frat-girl’s Hyundai on the Garden State Parkway. Last album it was “New Girl,” this time my vote goes to “Guilt,” the best Madonna single since “Material Girl” in a world of needless Madonna singles, including her own. […]