Can Anyone Make An Album That Sounds Like Amelia Earhart’s Distress Signals Coming Across a Shortwave at Night in Wyoming? I Challenge You

Exclusive! The new Clientele single paraprases or at least nods to the Beatles’ “You Know My Name (Look Up the Number).” Pitchfork misses it, writing …Clientele more forward in every conceivable way: “You got my name/ Pick up my number/ Come on darling/ Let’s be lovers.” Maybe he’s in character, but lead singer and songwriter […]

Bill Callahan Melloncamp

First, I’d like to note: yesterday Prawnfork posted “Just as the Day was Dawning,” a new track from duo Big Business’s Here Come the Waterworks. I’d like to proudly point out that almost a frikking year ago J Frank Parnell posted for download and raved about the original version of this track, which appeared on […]