By a River the Color of Lead

Two nights ago I finished watching Julie Taymor’s interminable Across the Universe, essentially Rent with Beatles songs. I can even hear her pitching it that way to the studios. It’s a noble and even interesting experiment, but done with a suspicious lack of care, considering the conspicuous electronic-pitch-witchery for many of the cast’s attempts at […]

Can Anyone Make An Album That Sounds Like Amelia Earhart’s Distress Signals Coming Across a Shortwave at Night in Wyoming? I Challenge You

Exclusive! The new Clientele single paraprases or at least nods to the Beatles’ “You Know My Name (Look Up the Number).” Pitchfork misses it, writing …Clientele more forward in every conceivable way: “You got my name/ Pick up my number/ Come on darling/ Let’s be lovers.” Maybe he’s in character, but lead singer and songwriter […]