30 Years of David + David’s “Boomtown” Is Becoming 30 Years Between Albums

David + David’s album Boomtown turned 30 this summer.  They’re making the follow-up now. I was 15 when I bought Boomtown on vinyl in the weeks following its July 7, 1986 release. My family had just informed me that, by November, we would be moving 50 miles away from the only home I’d known. By that summer, Boomtown had already been […]

Ben Wheatley Films, Ranked

Like most auteurs, director Ben Wheatley can’t be pigeonholed. Calling him a horror director is like saying Werner Herzog makes biopics. Same would go for science fiction, which classifies Wheatley about as easily as it does David Cronenberg. Cronenberg may be Wheatley’s best antecedent; a director talented beyond genre whose work touches genre and reinvents it sometimes (The Fly) yet never […]

Seven Nonfiction Books That’ll Make You Leave the Light On at Night

Truth is only sometimes stranger than fiction, but truth is almost always more horrifying, unless you’re lobotomized, or attend too many raves. One element separating fictional horror and horrifying nonfiction is guiltless entertainment; you can enjoy Stephen King or Jo Nesbo, or even Gone Girl, but you can’t necessarily say you enjoyed Truman Capote‘s In Cold Blood (although don’t underestimate Capote’s […]

Sleepers to Stream Right Now

Allow me to harvest for you. On Netflix now: The Tribe – Not only an unusually excellent movie available to stream, but the best movie I’ve seen in years. The Tribe follows a new student’s jarring experiences upon entering an Ukranian boarding school for hearing-impaired students that doubles as a criminal enterprise. There’s no translating Ukranian […]

Better Stranger Things: The Upside Down Playlist

Don’t get me wrong: I enjoyed all eight episodes of Stranger Things, and look forward to season two. Heaps done right: Matthew Modine & Winona Ryder as characters their 80s characters conceivably would have become, as adults. Banana seat bikes. D&D. Dimensional travel. Clairvoyance. Budding adolescence. David Harbour, formerly known as the only good thing in The Equalizer, is mostly […]