Back When We Were Smart

The new Sloan single is floating around out there. It’ll make your afternoon, but little else. And because I’m fully 25% Swedish, with living relatives there (can I please visit?), and she’s touring with my daughter’s fave, Jens Lekman, here’s something freshly delivered to J Frank’s gmail from Secretly Canadian: Frida Hyvonen — You Never […]

J Frank is So Excited He Could Plotz

Even without Rita Lee, I’m excited about seeing Os Mutantes this Friday. And courtesy of Mr. Tapeworm, I will be doubling my live music pleasure in the next two weeks. He of the stomach parasite has scored entry to the Long Blondes show at the Knitting Factory next week, which is swell for two reasons […]

Going Postal

Let’s open the mail! Before that: J Frank apologizes to the rest of the (hotter) world for complaining about today’s heat, but the Big Apple threatens to hit 100 today, which means 125 if you’ll soon be standing on a breezeless corner near a backhoe lifting metal plates from the street. He is Off Kilter. […]

Fear is the Mother of Violence

Out Hud has broken up. Funtime Ok has tracks. I’m not so crushed, although I did enjoy a live performance I caught at the Knitting Factory, right after S.T.R.E.E.T. D.A.D., a likeable and unclassifiable dub-punk must-have. But Let Us Never Speak of It Again was tinny sounding and too infrequently anything other than a boring […]

Immature Boys Imitate, Mature Boys Steal

Ah, sweet, sweet Trenchfork, you get something so right, but yet you forsake any hint of having cujones with your 6.0 rating of the dismissable Cansei De Ser Sexy album. Your rating doubles what the album deserves. Kow-towing to CDSS’s considerable bloghype will not engender editorial respect. Be an individual. A secular inhumanist, if you […]