Fear is the Mother of Violence

Out Hud has broken up. Funtime Ok has tracks. I’m not so crushed, although I did enjoy a live performance I caught at the Knitting Factory, right after S.T.R.E.E.T. D.A.D., a likeable and unclassifiable dub-punk must-have. But Let Us Never Speak of It Again was tinny sounding and too infrequently anything other than a boring […]

Immature Boys Imitate, Mature Boys Steal

Ah, sweet, sweet Trenchfork, you get something so right, but yet you forsake any hint of having cujones with your 6.0 rating of the dismissable Cansei De Ser Sexy album. Your rating doubles what the album deserves. Kow-towing to CDSS’s considerable bloghype will not engender editorial respect. Be an individual. A secular inhumanist, if you […]

I’m Your Girlfriend’s Pimp

Syd Barrett died today. Reports say he was suffering from diabetes, which probably means heroin. Atari Teenage Riot – Deutschland (has got to die) And on the subject of outsider art, or, to get wordy, the Art of Unintentional Beauty, this past weekend I was reminded of a favorite pasttime of mine, a sort of […]

So Much To Tell You, I Race Through The Sky to Whisper a Message Into Your Morphine Drip

Had I been musically prepared for my return to Manhattan today, I might’ve posted some Einsturzende Neubauten. Vacation: took kid to inlaws, swam, visited zoo. Cracked toenail in half. Watched Sarah Silverman’s Jesus is Magic (funny, eventually tiresome). Pulled significant muscle during the Organized Physical Activity on Friday night after sitting in an airplane all […]