June 6, 1966, at 6pm

A religious holiday approaches:

National Day of Slayer.

Remember to follow the rules closely. You do not want to displease the man who bathes in a lake of fire. (thanks to the Rich Girls are Weeping for leading J Frank to this).

Celebrate more completely with WFMU’s Metal Genre Education Kit.

Lost Oughts: Colder is only one dude, Paris resident Mark Nguyen, he of the laptopping recording program stuff, electro-half, live-half, some stuff good, some bad, usually interesting. Mr. Tapeworm calls it the bloopy bleepy. I like that.

I like spotting Nguyen’s samples. Like using U2’s “Like a Song” (but I can’t fish up that mp3 at the moment; here’s their Martin Hannett-produced version of “11 O’Clock Tick Tock(mp3)” — note the similarity to JD’s “She’s Lost Control”) for the beginning percussion of —-

Colder – Downtown

off of 20o5’s mostly mediocre full length, To The Music. The title track —

Colder – To the Music

samples, I think, albeit sped up in pitch, this:

Roxy Music – Dance Away

-although I can’t be sure. It could be the beginning of Roxy Music’s “Same Old Scene.”

Colder’s 2003 debut, Again, was nifty; patchwork sounding, but novel all the same. Although the track “Where”(mp3) is not sampling the Zombies, it comes close to one of my all-time dream loops, that of the beginning percussion of the Zombies’ “Time of the Season;” I once recorded a crappy something-or-other with that loop. Maybe I’ll offer it someday.

The lead single, “Crazy Love (mp3)” got mucho blogplay, but it’s a little much for me, although that phat bassline evokes Peter Hook’s JD days, but that’s all it does. Which brings me to this, which is miles better:

Jah Division – Heart and Soul Dub

I have this on vinyl, which is the only way you can have it, I believe. See the great label The Social Registry for this and other rabble-rousing slices of heated and cooled plastic.


12 thoughts on “June 6, 1966, at 6pm

  1. I didn’t realize you lived in NY! (Thanks for the Colder, btw. Interesting stuff…)I have this weird theory that you are a guy I saw once at the Cake Shop (I think I was seeing Psychic Ills) and I thought was cute, and then we made eyes at each other over our cigs outside on the curb later.Alternatively, you are the boy with the pretty eyes I met at Black and White a few months ago, who I really can’t stop thinking about and am kind of obsessed with because I’ve never seen him there again.Anyway, the chances are exremely low that you’re either of these people, but it’s fun to pretend.


  2. No apologies for comment spam will be accepted. Spam liberally. I used to like spam so much I cooked it like bacon over open fires in my teens (really). Still would. Was going to hit the Human Television show in NYC tonight; fatigue. And rain like a sprinkler in the sky. The Fall was at Southpaw. But I saw them when Smith wasn’t already dead.As for you Parnell sightings: flattered. I can be both those guys. If truth’s touch be a finer frisson, you were the straightbacked, quiet magnet I stood next to at Brixton Academy, in 1991, during My Bloody Valentine; we hesitated to walk away at same time, and my youth was equal to my stupidity, because i kept going.Or I saw you, last, swallowed by the people-sea at an illegal Lightning Bolt show in Bushwick. Really, I’m the guy who doesn’t dare disturb the universe enough. See a great show in nyc via this:http://www.toddpnyc.com/I’ll be at Commonwealth seeing nothing tomorrow night but drink.


  3. Does Mr. Parnell take requests?My summer wish list:Celibate RiflesVelvet Crush (first album ONLY)The Saints (hot hits only)The Kinks (Village Preservation era)Hard Ons (early recordings)


  4. i remember adam clayton of u2 once saying about martin hannett that they thought he was crazy. but they were so young when they worked with him, they later realized he was actually totally fucked up on drugs the whole time they were working with him. they were too naive to realize it. i wish u2 would have done more work with him back then.


  5. <>I have this weird theory that you are a guy I saw once at the Cake Shop (I think I was seeing Psychic Ills) and I thought was cute, and then we made eyes at each other over our cigs outside on the curb later.<>I’ve seen J. Frank in a lot of compromising positions, but never with a cig. I’m making a hit and run visit your way the week of the 12th. I’ll be in touch. Most time will be spent “down the shore,” but I’ll be in the City for a bit.Bill


  6. Will be excellent to see you sir. I await your signal.And for the record, you’re right – you’ve never and nobody ever has seen me with a cig. I’ve never smoked one in my life. But all the other bad stuff …I sometimes forget the alphabet’s order.


  7. Sad to say, the only time I was ever at Brixton Academy was to see Portishead with a college boyfriend ca. 1996!However, I think we are destined to meet at the next clandestine Lightning Bolt show in Bushwick. I’ll keep my eyes peeled. Though you might have lost me with the Commonwealth comment. A brew pub in Brooklyn? I leave Austin precisely to get away from those things! (;I never do make it to any of Todd P’s shows, which is weird, because he’s a friend-of-a-friend, and I really have no excuse.And, I swear, you were a different boy at Black & White on Sunday! Wasn’t that you with the beard at the end of the end of the bar standing by Daniel Kessler and the guys from The Figurines? I almost went up to the fellow and said “Are you J. Frank Parnell?” (;Oh and, that Colder song also has a “Girls on Film” sample, but you knew that, right?


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