In My Hour of Malcontent

Blogs. Diary turned inside-out. Diarydrome. It’s a vessel that even Melville would have shunned. And it’s also the Death of the Zine, right here in code, not to mention the promise of the internet spread thin into millions of aficionados, none of them versed in much more than what they like, or who they are. […]

Note to Fellow Passengers:

If I’m wearing headphones and reading a book on the subway, at least have the courtesy to not be annoyed when I answer “I’m sorry, I didn’t hear you” after you ask me directions. About 47 other people were just standing there, no music, no book, but you pick me, and then you want details […]

Morrissey has the just-not-sucking disease

There’s a prevailing stupidity among some mainstream music critics that a new album by a previously respectable artist can be considered a ‘comeback’ or a ‘masterpiece,’ when in reality it’s only their first album in a long time that didn’t simply suck. See: Bob Dylan’s last two, Neil Young’s latest, Springsteen’s last two, the new […]